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Solutions to 100+ RA problems PLUS monthly live webinars with medical/health professionals.
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Rheumatoid Solutions Course And Webinars $1
  • Today is just $1 for immediate access to the Rheumatoid Solutions Course! This training will help you solve your current RA problems. Conten Includes:
  • Medication Solutions - Which ones are counterproductive to healing? If, when and  how you can get off your medication. How to deal with mediation side effects, and much more
  • Diet Solutions - Best diet covered in detail, best individual foods to eat for pain reduction, why long term fasting WON'T help, how to 'eat to heal', and much more
  • Supplement Solutions - Save your money. Only focus on the ones that have been tested in scientific studies to show benefit. Learn which supplements are common, but a waste of time (and what you can focus on instead)
  • Mindset Solutions - Build confidence, build optimism, reduce depression, improve mood
  • Joint Pain Specific Solutions - Videos on Elbow improvement, knee improvement, finger improvement, wrist improvement - and much more.
Plus, Monthly Webinars With Health Professionals
  • Special guests will join me every month for a live Q&A. These Rheumatologists, General Practitioners, Physical Therapists or other specialists will answer your questions live.
  • Miss the webinar? No problem, you get all recordings as a back catalogue that you can watch any time inside your account.
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